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August 28, 1998

The purpose of these letters is to remind us of our biblical heritage as a single nation with a kingdom government, on a specific piece of land for our inheritance. I dare say that not only the "banished" ones of the House of Joseph, that is those who have lost their identity as the seed of Avraham, Yitzchak and Ya’acov over the milenia, need to remember, but also the “dispersed” and natural branches of the house of Judah - the known Jews of today.

In this generation the Holy One of Israel, in fulfilment of prophecy, is turning the hearts of the children - those of the seed of Israel who do not know that they are of the progeney of Avraham, Yitzchak and Ya’acov – back to these fathers. Of the “banished ones” the Apostle says: "Formally you were Gentiles" (Eph. 2:11), calling them “uncultivated trees” (Rom. 11:24) and "fullness of the gentiles" (Rom. 11:25 quoting Gen. 48:19), meaning those of the House of Joseph (called Ephraimites). Even though Ephraim was orginally one of the tribes, his name is better known as a generic and prophetic name for the Northern Kingdom of Israel (the Ten Lost Tribes). Although they were rejected and lost their identity, YHVH promised this large segment of the nation restoration through the new covenant (see Deut.30:3-6; Jer. 31:31-33) The question now for these redeemed “gentilized” aliens from the nations is: Who and what are we to be now, in the present, as the redeemed of YHVH? In Ephesians 2:12 we are told that now we are Israelites, fully partaking in the national commonwealth of Israel (the one promised to Avraham). It goes on to say that because of this restored identity, we are being reintroduced to the covenants of promise, the glory, the fathers, the land, the adoption of sons, the Torah (i.e. the five books of Moses), the prophets, the restored kingdom, and to our biblical heritage as the two houses, two sticks, two witnesses, two olive branches etc. (see Rom. 9:4-5, Isa. 8:14; Ez. 37:15-23; Rom.14:17; Col. 1:13).

Yes, we are to see ourselves as one new man (Eph. 2:15), but at the same time we also need to understand our differences as two parts of the one house, the house of Jacob, as we have our variety of gifts befitting our particular respective prophetic destinies. The Word of God declares that the Two Houses are to be "two witnesses" (Isa. 43:10, Isa.44:8), which means each has its own prophetic and unique testimony. We are like a bow and an arrow, different from one another but yet in His hand a mighty weapon (ref. Zech. 9:13), an army (Ezek. 37:10).

Let us share and rejoice in our redemption and restoration, as we come to see ourselves, not as a religious group or an organization, but as a redeemed people with an authentic national identity (Israel), a land (former land of Canaan), a kingdom government with one Shepherd, one King, one High Priest - our Redeemer and Messiah Ye'shua.

Welcome to the wonderful world of the Avrahamic faith, where His love, grace, compassion, peace, joy, righteousness, and justice rule in our hearts and are expressed through us by love for the Father, the Son, and each other.

May the Elohim of Avraham, Yitzchak and Ya’acov bless you, and may we see in our day the fulfillment and "restoration of all that has been spoken of by the prophets of old" (Acts. 3:19-21)!


P.S. “Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brothers to dwell (shevet achim) together in unity.....For there God commanded the blessing, life everlasting” (Psalm 133:1,3).

Aug. 28, 1998

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